Transrail actively contributes to the development of industrial design competence within public transport. E.g. we have participated in and partly financed the compilation of Travel By Design ("Resa i design"), a guidebook on industrial design in public transport.

The book is about design and design management in public transport, about the design of its physical products, public rooms and passenger information. Design is about creating a journey in a functioning context with the human being in focus. It is about travelling well, about welfare.

Design is also an excellent tool to develop the public transport companies. Design is very visible, its aim is very customer focused and it inspires a holistic perspective in a tangible manner.

The book Travel by design is the final account of a research program, pursued for a number of years with financial support from e.g. KFB (Kommunikationsforskningsberedningen), the Swedish Transport Research Institute. It is written as an unusual guidebook, describing how design may be used to improve public transport and how to realise the design work. It targets everyone who in any way participate in the development of public transport.

The book Travel by design comprises 240 pages in the format 200x235 mm. It is abundantly illustrated, using 500 pictures and graphic in four-colour print.

You may order the book from Svensk Industridesign, (SVID), Swedish Industrial Design, at the price of appr. 350 SEK per copy (200 per copy when ordering minimum 100 copies). Prices exclude VAT and shipment. Order it from SVID, Box 5501, SE-114 85 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN fax 08-6612035, or directly from us.


Design is about travelling well.


This flower, a Dahlia with its different coloured
petals, is a symbol for creativity. We use it to describe successful project team work through co-operation in multi-disciplinary groups. You may organise your company as hierachies with squared boxes, that helps clarify roles and responsibilities, but do not work in that manner! Work in project teams, where all areas of competence relevant to the project co-operate - already from the beginning. This is not new, but should not be forgotten. Thus the chances of successful results and succesful design are improved.