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Transrail is a motivating and engaged consultancy that focuses on delivering high quality services within the railway sector. Our business covers a wide range and sets off from a generalist and a system perspective. We both have wide and deep competence regarding the full aspects of railways. Sometimes our assignments reach adjoining questions/issues for example public transport at large.

Our operation is not entirely driven by profit since we focus much on our own development and to follow activities and trends within the European railway business. Transrail also invests in R&D projects. We are open minded and we question and scrutinise deep rooted truths and behaviours. Taken together all these factors make Transrail a very attractive place of work where the level of competence is very high. For further information please see Our Values.

Transrail is looking for qualified co-workers and invites applications for position as consultant at our office in Sundbyberg. Our need for more consultants concerns several of our business areas which we develop concurrently with respect to our resources and competences. Applicants should be highly educated, for instance M Sc or similar, with a relative long experience from the railway sector. It is an advantage if applicants are generalists and keen on trying new things. Another advantage is prior experiences from Manager positions and/or as Project Leader. A more detailed description of our range of work can be found under References.

For more information, please contact Per Leander either by phone (08-40 40 961) or by e-mail.


Currently we have positions open for software developers, please see the employee profile for further details including contact information.