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The future of train operations (video)

Transrail Sweden AB has developed the train operation management and driver assistance system CATO in R&D projects co-funded by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and the Swedish mining company LKAB. The research activities started in 1999.
Today, CATO is fully implemented with LKAB as well as with ARLANDA EXPRESS, the Stockholm Airport shuttle.
CATO is a comprehensive traffic management and driver assistant system (DAS). CATO may be connected to the dispatching system, providing current operative target points, as well as be used as a stand-alone DAS on the train.

Through a close correlation between dispatching and driving, CATO brings a new era into railway traffic operation.

Trains will arrive on time and, in case of a connected system, on a green wave.

Main advantages of CATO are:

  • Reduced energy consumption (15-25%).
  • Increased traffic capacity of the infrastructure (5-15%).
  • Improved traffic management and punctuality.
  • Reduced wear of vehicles and infrastructure
CATO features a revolutionary driver-machine interface (CDMI), which is:
  • Safe: The information respects technical limits and tolerances set by vehicle technicians as well as infrastructure and ATP-systems.
  • Ergonomic: The CATO interface (CDMI) has been developed in cooperation with the department for Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Uppsala.
  • Easy to follow: Experiences show that drivers can easily and accurately follow the driving advice with little and even no prior training.
  • Comprehensive: Relevant and dynamic information about surrounding traffic and the line is included in the CDMI.
Apart from the core operative software systems CATO-TRAIN and CATO TCC, the CATO software package also includes a series of support and customer system management tools as listed to the right. These are essential parts of a fully functional DAS system. CATO LOGGER: A possibility to down-load logs for possible fault finding e.t.c.
CATO UPDATER: Distribution of updated SW.
CATO VIEWER: Internet access to follow CDMI, also used for training.
CATO ECO-DRIVER: A PC tool for training of drivers with focus on eco-driving and use of CATO.
CATO MONITOR: On-line information on current CATO utilization and status.
CATO STATISTICS: Statistics on utilization, status, results.
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