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A web guide to Swedish trains and railwaysInfo on Swedish railway lines and vehicles, news.

OTIF (Organisation intergouvernementale pour les transports internationaux ferroviaires)

Railway Technology
Information on rail projects around the world, with conference & exhibition calendar

SPF (Swedish Union of Private Wagons)
SPF is an association that take care of the interests of Swedish private wagon owners and long term wagon leasing companies.The website has links to members of the union.

Svenska Järnvägsklubben
The Swedish Railway ClubThe largest Swedish forum on rail debate, links to Swedish railway organisations such as operators and manufacturers, photos.

The European railway server
A large collection of links. List of European rolling stock, picture gallery

UIC search engine
An excellent database for railway links.

UIP (International Union of Private Wagons)
UIP furthers the interests of its members vis-à-vis international organisations. It carries out and co-ordinates research and participation in the drawing up of international regulations.

Metro information and maps around the world

VDB (The German Railway Industry Association)
Unites manufacturers of all products for railway operation.

Maps for Swedish passenger transport operators, news, links etc