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The Danish state infrastructure manager

CER (Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies)

EBA (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt)
German Federal Railway Authority

EIM (European Rail Infrastructure Managers)

Information on ERTMS/ETCS technology, projects and deployment.

A web guide to Swedish trains and railwaysInfo on Swedish railway lines and vehicles, news.

Jernbaneverket (the Norwegian National Rail Administration)
JBV is the Norwegian national railway authority responsible for the management of the national railway network, on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communication.The website offers network statement, annual reports, info on projects. Norwegian section includes press releases.

Rail Net Europe
The main scope of RailNetEurope is to improve operational issues of international rail traffic and easy access to European infrastructure.Corridor and country info. Links to member organisations.

Railway Technology
Information on rail projects around the world, with conference & exhibition calendar

TEN-T (The Trans-European Transport Network)
European CommissionGuidelines, Financing, Legioslation, Actions, Projects, Documentation

The Finnish Rail Administration (RHK)
Finnish rail administrationThe website gives info on infrastructure projects in Finland and access to reports.

TRV (Trafikverket)
The Swedish National Traffic Adminstration, responsible for the railway infrastructure owned by the Swedish stateAll sorts of information on Swedish rail infrastructure; policies, plans, projects, news etc

UIC search engine
An excellent database for railway links.

Metro information and maps around the world

VDB (The German Railway Industry Association)
Unites manufacturers of all products for railway operation.

Maps for Swedish passenger transport operators, news, links etc