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APTA (American Public Transport Association)
All about American passenger rail

BCC (British Chamber of Commerce)
Position of the BCC on rail policy

European electric standardisation

CENORM (Comité Européen de normalisation)
European mechanical standardisation

CER (Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies)

CIT (The International Rail Transport Committee)
Le CIT assure l'interopérabilité juridique en trafic international ferroviaire

DVF (Deutsches Verkehrsforum)

EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies)

EIA (European Intermodal Association)
Promotes innovative, sustainable and intermodal mobility in Europe

EIM (European Rail Infrastructure Managers)

EIRAC (European Intermodal Research Asvisory Council)
Has no homepage, but is referred to here with contact information.

ERFA (European Rail Freight Association)
Temporary site while a new one is developed.

ERRAC (European Rail Research Advisory Council)

ESC (European Shipper Council)
The European Shippers' Council Represents the interests of companies trading in Europe as users of freight transport services. They consider themselves yo be the pre-eminent body responsible for efforts to liberalise/de-regulate liner shipping markets.Public statements and links to national shipper's councils in Europe.

ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

EU directives on standards

European Local Transport Information Service
ELTIS is an initiative of the European Commission. The project is led by an international team of transport related organisations. The aim is to provide information and support a practical transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience in the field of urban and regional transport in Europe.

FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations)
FIATA, a non-governmental organisation, represents today an industry covering approximately 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms, also known as the "Architects of Transport", employing around 8 - 10 million people in 150 countries.

FIF (Fédération des Industries Ferroviaires)

Groupement des autorités responsables de transportPolicies papers. Links to French Public Transport Authorities

IHHA (International Heavy Haul Association)
IHHA is a world wide association of heavy haul railways and their advocates. IHHA is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in heavy haul railway operations, engineering, maintenance, and technology.

Rail Net Europe
The main scope of RailNetEurope is to improve operational issues of international rail traffic and easy access to European infrastructure.Corridor and country info. Links to member organisations.

RFG (Rail Freight Group)
British freight rail lobby comprising suppliers, manufacturers, and customers, operators and contractors.

RIA (Railway Industry Association)
RIA provides a range of services to its member companies and helps railways around the world obtain railway equipment and services from the UK.

Responsible for electrical standardisation in Sweden.

Svenskt Näringsliv (Confederation of Swedish enterprise)
The Swedish Shippers' Council is the organisation for cargo-owning transport users in Sweden and was founded in 1966. Since 1982 it has been closely connected to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

T&E (European Federation for Transport and Environment)
T&E is Europe's principal environmental organisation campaigning specifically on transport. Members are drawn from NGOs in nearly every European country, all of whom promote a more environmentally sound approach to transport.

TF (Transportindustriförbundet)
The Swedish International Freight Association, SIFA, is the trade organisation for all Swedish companies in goods transport, logistics and freight forwardingThe website has many links on logistics, transport organisations and transport research.

The Swedish Public Transport Association
The trade organisation of local and regional public transport in Sweden.The Swedish section of the website includes information on member organisations, monthly news, projects, publications and statistics.

TTF - Forum för Logistik
The Swedish association of logistics.

Tågoperatörerna (The Association of Swedish Train Operators)
Acts on behalf of the Swedish train operators. The Association currently consists of 22 member companies.Links to members.

UIC (International Union of Railways)

UIC search engine
An excellent database for railway links.

UIRR (Union internationale des sociétés de transport combiné Rail-Route)

UITP (Union internationale de transport public)

UK Railway Companies
Listing of train operators

UNIFE (Union des industries ferroviaires européennes)

UTEK (föreningen Underhållsteknik)
The Swedish association för reliability, maintenance and asset management.

VDB (The German Railway Industry Association)
Unites manufacturers of all products for railway operation.

VDV (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen)