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CER (Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies)

Hela Resan
A complete travel planning system.The website makes it possible to find information on alternatives for travel between places in Sweden, by train, bus, airplane, boat/ferry. It has links to PTAs and operators of the different modes of transport.

A web guide to Swedish trains and railwaysInfo on Swedish railway lines and vehicles, news.

Currently indexing 16,103 quality resources in 144 categories.

Svenska Järnvägsklubben
The Swedish Railway ClubThe largest Swedish forum on rail debate, links to Swedish railway organisations such as operators and manufacturers, photos.

Tågoperatörerna (The Association of Swedish Train Operators)
Acts on behalf of the Swedish train operators. The Association currently consists of 22 member companies.Links to members.

UIC search engine
An excellent database for railway links.

UK Railway Companies
Listing of train operators

Maps for Swedish passenger transport operators, news, links etc