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CHARMEC is a Centre of Excellence in Railway Mechanics established at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothemburg Swedem

EIRAC (European Intermodal Research Asvisory Council)
Has no homepage, but is referred to here with contact information.

ERRAC (European Rail Research Advisory Council)

EuRoMain is a European Research and Development project

Swedish universities and schools of technology offering courses and seminars promoting the further development of public transit in Sweden.

Railway Group KTH
KTH Centre for Research and Education in Railway EngineeringInfo on publications, courses etc

Safety Management and interoperability thematic Network for railways systems. EU's 5th framework program.

SIKA (The Swedish Institute for Transport and Communications Analysis)
SIKA is a Swedish governmental agency. It has three main areas of responsibility in the transport and communication sector: to carry out studies for the Government, to develop forecasts and planning methods and to be the responsible authority for official statistics.

Portal to information on transportation and communication research.Databases on transport information, including telematics.

TRV (Trafikverket)
The Swedish National Traffic Adminstration, responsible for the railway infrastructure owned by the Swedish stateAll sorts of information on Swedish rail infrastructure; policies, plans, projects, news etc

UIC search engine
An excellent database for railway links.

VTI (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute)
VTI is a Swedish government agency. It carries out research and development work an all transport modes, specifically road. Among other things, VTI operates Transguide, a portal to information on transport and communication research.