We service those who operate trains, transport freight or people, manufacture rolling stock and other railway equipment, build railways or carry out maintenance. We also service as authorities, administrations and other stakeholders in the railway sector. By ”railway” we mean all rail systems, i.e. railways, metros, light rail, tramways.

We work with the interaction between technology, operation, maintenance, economics, market.

We provide advice and strategies on every level, in any situation.

We take on the entire project or cooperate with our specialists.

We ensure a vital system approach also in the details.

We develop the organisation and working methods in the railway sector.

We make client specific IT strategies and solutions.

We are involved in research and development, studies to enable decisions on strategies and investments, planning, procurement and delivery projects, operating and maintaining of systems, problem analysis and solutions, improvements.

We provide independent business and systems engineering services in the rail transport sector, i.e. to organisations involved in railways, metros and light-rail.

Our prime objective is to enhance the business and competence of our clients by providing first rate consulting services.

We focus on supporting organisations to develop their competence, strategies, systems and management in the areas of market, technology, operation, organisation.

Our business is based on an holistic approach where different areas of competence interact in the creation of efficient and attractive solutions.