Our values are our prime mover, the basis for our services, what makes us tick:

  • Railways represent many positive values. The society and its various industrial sectors are undergoing changes, not least the railways. Our ambition is to make its future different and better. We are continually renewing our efforts to revive the railways. We are not in the business to copy its past but to rethink its future.
  • We strive to become one of the driving forces in the industry. We turn the development circle by our competence, our methods, cooperation and structured utilisation of experience.
  • We systematically develop knowledge about the needs of the railway sector, the conditions that apply, best solutions and working methods.
  • We are always eager to share our knowledge and insights, while taking confidentiality issues of our customers into consideration. Expanding knowledge, not only for ourselves, is fundamental.
  • Watchwords that illustrate our values are independence, reliability, honesty, creativity, commitment.