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As a result of the deregulation of the European rail sector, new actors have appeared on the market. Many of these do not have access to the resource management tools developed and owned by the large rail companies due to business secrecy and cost reasons.

Our aim has been to create a tool for resource planning and management at a cost far lower than those available today.

Our solution

We designed Trains Resource Management System (TRMS) from the operator’s point of view. TRMS has a user-friendly graphic interface and can be configured using modules. The table below shows some possible configurations.

  Fleet Scheduling Fleet Management Crew Scheduling Crew Management
Definition of vehicle rotations and activities
Definition of train compositions    
Allocation of individual vehicles into current trains      
Management of scheduled maintenance, including several levels and both kilometer- and time-based service intervals      
Monitoring of location and state of the individual vehicles: in traffic, stabled, reserved, out-of-maintenance, failure      
Publishing of train configuration. This feature can communicate with the Opera system at the Swedish Rail Administration, Banverket      
Definition of relief points and location of the crew    
Definition of crew activities, on board or not    
Definition of legal restrictions and working rules    
Definition of duty types    
Manual construction of staff duties and rotations    
Partitioning of rotations into working groups    
Allocation of crew individuals into actual duties, based on rotations (sw. turnyckel)      
Re-allocation of individuals at short notice due to e.g. sickness      
Tracking of each individual’s worked hours etc.      
Management of rule violation
Planning by type days, which can be combined into type weeks

For more detailed information, please refer to the TRMS leaflet