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Railways compose a system with a great dependence between its different elements. To create good solutions demands expertise from various disciplines as well as influences from outside the rail sector.

Transrail is set up with the objective to be able to provide the very best consultancy services in the railway sector. To this end the company is structured as a centre of excellence with:

  • A core team of staff, many of them generalists with a wide expertise in railways and with a focus on a capability of teaming and creative project groups.
  • A network of partners (individuals as well as organisations) from which our contracts can be sourced in the best way depending on the needs of our clients. Our services are further enhanced by the fact that these partners are not only directed towards the railway sector.

As a consequence of what is said above, Transrail is kept a fairly small company. However, together with our partners, we are substantial. This gives us plenty of scope to adapt to the needs of our clients, to take advantage of the leading expertise in each situation, to benefit from the practises of other business sectors.

For up-to-date information on our partners, please contact us directly