Rolling stock companies own trains that are for rent to franchisees. Before and after each rental period, and when doing large modifications, each vehicle is usually inspected. The inspections may need to be done in many different places, where as the company office is in yet another location.

In situations like this it may be necessary with an IT solution which:

  • Supports inspections in the field, without installation at the user’s site;
  • Is self-administering when the vehicles are rented out;
  • Facilitates unlimited analyses in Microsoft Excel anywhere; and
  • Grants user access to inspection protocols according to permissions.

Our Solution

Transrail has chosen a web-based solution using standardised security to create VIS, the Vehicle Inspection System. Some highlights follow:

  • VIS is ready to run with 16 different databases, including Oracle, MS SQL, and IBM DB2
  • It is standards-compliant, for all application servers conforming to Java Community Process specifications.
  • Layout and graphics can be configured for different channels such as mobile phones and handheld computers.

The system owner is automatically notified when a new inspection has been done, as well as who did it, where, when, and on which vehicle. The inspector can copy old inspections as a starting point for new inspections.

Using Microsoft Excel Data Query, the user has unlimited access to inspection data and may extensively analyse it. A proficient Excel user can do a moderately complex analysis in half an hour.

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